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About RallySafe

This information is from the RallySafe website

RallySafe is an innovative communication system that transmits information via in-car units in competitive motor sports events, such as a rally.

The RallySafe unit is a small electronic module fitted to a vehicle for use by the navigator and driver. It uses the latest communications technology to automatically transmit warnings and vehicle status data from unit to unit and to Race Control as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The main safety function of the system is to automatically generate hazard warnings in the event of an accident. The signal is immediately transmitted to following competitors’ vehicles and race controllers, and sends information about the competing vehicle’s speed, severity of accident and location, enabling emergency assistance to be provided at a much faster rate.

The driver or navigator is able to override the system to upgrade or downgrade these warnings, if required. An example could be if a vehicle unexpectedly stops on course but does not present any danger to itself or following competitors.

Push to pass functionality is also a feature, allowing a competitor to warn forward vehicles of their intention to overtake, greatly eliminating risks taken in dust or hazardous passing locations.

The information provided by RallySafe to Event Control Officials is invaluable, giving them real-time knowledge of all their event vehicles and competitors, stage statuses, split times and stage times. As the use of RallySafe expands through the sport, we will see reductions in the number of event officials required, improvements in the availability of race information, more accuracy in recording stage times and general increases in safety standards for the benefit of both competitors and officials.

In order to provide a higher level of safety for our crews, the NSW Rally Panel fully supports the use of the RallySafe system by competitors. All organisers of NSW Rally Championship events facilitate the use of this system by, at a minimum, monitoring the tracking application during the event.

RallySafe in NSW Rallying

The use of RallySafe is mandatory in all NSW Rally Championship and East Coast Classic Rally Series events and the cost is incorporated in your entry fee. The use of RallySafe for Clubman and Hyundai Rally Series events is at the discretion of the Event Organiser but if utilised it is mandatory for all competitors.

The technology is expected to continue to evolve. Details of the system may be accessed on the RallySafe website and the Rally Panel will work with organisers throughout the year to better understand and support the system.