Rally NSW Application for a Rally or Rallysprint Date in NSW

Application for a Rally or Rallysprint Date in NSW

The Rally Panel requires to be notified of ALL rally and rallysprints to be conducted in NSW (not just series events). This is an important function in helping to avoid date clashes, and work out a calendar that has room for everyone. Once the draft calendar is finalised, the Motorsport Australia office produces the calendar and adds the events to the Motorsport Australia website. In order to work with this deadline, this form will be mailed out to clubs in about July or August. We trust you will understand that this is a process which benefits all clubs and the sport as a whole, and we thank you for your continued co-operation.

Note – Some clubs who have rallies planned in the first half of the year, have said that they need to get their applications in to council and police earlier than the time frame mentioned above. For this reason the rally panel will send this application form out to all clubs in April of the current year. If you have an early event, and want to get on with the planning, please apply for your date now, and we can start locking events into the calendar for you.