Rally NSW Turbocharger Restrictor Sealing

Turbocharger Restrictor Sealing

There are a number of steps involved in having your turbocharger sealed ready for competition.

  1. Determine the correct size restrictor for your vehicle category and application. Details can be found in Section 3.1 of the National Rally Standing Regulations – Vehicles General and the relevant corresponding vehicle regulation document found at https://www.motorsport.org.au/regulations/manual/rally. For example, Group A / PRC / G4, etc.
  2. Fit your restictor to the turbocharger and wire the relevant components of the completely assembled turbocharger together as per the previous Section 3.1 and the diagram below through the use of holes drilled through assembly/retaining bolt heads, etc.
  3. Select one of the Scrutineers who provides a turbocharger sealing service and make an appointment with them. Ideally, your assembled and pre-wired turbocharger unit, including restrictor, and any spare assembled and pre-wired turbocharger units, including restrictor, will be presented for sealing once removed from the vehicle as this will greatly assist in the measurement of the restrictor and the fitting of the seal. Don’t forget to bring your log book as well.
  4. The Scrutineer will measure the restrictor/s, attach the seal to the pre-fitted wire and record the size of the restrictor/s and unique seal number/s in the logbook.