Rally NSW Competitor Series Conditions,Organiser Series Conditions 2024 NSW Rally Competition Conditions Now Uploaded

2024 NSW Rally Competition Conditions Now Uploaded

The 2024 NSW Rally Competition Conditions are now available for download under the “Competitors” menu and “Organisers” menu as appropriate. The key changes from 2023 are :

  • Added Production Cup Series to the NSW Rally Championship.
  • Introduction of 0-1600cc Pocket Rocket Class to the Clubman Rally Series.
  • Added a pointscore allocation for the Pocket Rocket Class in the Clubman Rally Series
  • Renaming of the Hyundai Rally Series (HRS) to the Hyundai/Kia Rally Series (HKRS).
  • Removal of the “Hyundai Open” Category.
  • Expansion of eligible vehicles for Hyundai/Kia Rally Series.
  • Rewriting the “Group 3C PRC Regulations – Attachment A – Excel Rally Cars” as an Addendum to these Competition Conditions to cover the requirements of the Hyundai/Kia Rally Series.
  • Change all references of “National Rally Standing Regulations” to “Rally Standing Regulations”.
  • Handling of the award of Series Points for a shortened heat.
  • Referred “18.10.3 Positive & Passive Vehicle Tracking” to the 2024 Rally Standing Regulations – Special Stage Rallies” for specific detail.

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