Rally NSW News,Vehicle Eligibility Our Grass Roots Rally Series Now the Hyundai/Kia Rally Series

Our Grass Roots Rally Series Now the Hyundai/Kia Rally Series

As the Hyundai Excel X3 model is becoming more scarce and more expensive to buy, we have expanded eligibility to include a far wider range of Hyundai and Kia FWD models up to 1600cc. Still heavily restricted in what modifications can be carried out, it should create a more exciting Series where the cars are expected to retain a high degree of performance parity. Additionally, if you want to start modifying your Hyundai/Kia Series car beyond what is allowed, then we have added the Pocket Rocket Class to the Clubman Rally Series and then you are able to do modifications up to what is allowed in the Production Rally Car Regulations. If your driver seeding no longer makes you eligible for Clubman, there is also a Pocket Rocket Class in the NSW Rally Championship. Therefore, you can start rallying economically in a Hyundai/Kia Series car and progress all the way to the NSW Rally Championship, all in the same car. Further, there are no seeding restrictions in the Hyundai/Kia Rally Series so if you are a past competitor, no longer have the sort of budget required to run a Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru WRX, etc but really want to get out there again, this is also for you. Link to the following page for more details. https://rallynsw.com.au/neverbetter/

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Coffs Harbour Rally Date Change to 25th May 2024: The Return of the Coffs Coast RallyCoffs Harbour Rally Date Change to 25th May 2024: The Return of the Coffs Coast Rally

Coffs Harbour, NSW – The rallying community eagerly anticipates the return of the Coffs Coast Rally, set to take place on the 25th of May 2024. This iconic event, which holds cherished memories for many rally enthusiasts, is making a comeback after several years, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Coffs Harbour & District Sporting Car Club.

The Coffs Coast Rally, a former WRC round that has left lasting impressions on competitors and spectators alike, will resume its place in the rally calendar starting this year. The organizing team has been hard at work to ensure a successful revival of this beloved event, aiming to establish it as an annual highlight for years to come.

Originally scheduled for the 20th of April, the event has been rescheduled to the 25th of May. This change was necessary due to a concurrent bicycle event that would have utilised some of the rally roads, as well as to allow ample time for comprehensive event organisation.

While initially planned as a round of the Clubman Rally Series and Hyundai-Kia Rally Series, the new date places it just two weeks before the Bega Valley Rally. To avoid potential scheduling conflicts and ensure the smooth flow of competition, the Coffs Coast Rally will not be part of these series in 2024.

Despite this adjustment, the Coffs Coast Rally is expected to draw a strong field of competitors, particularly from the north coast and Queensland regions. Its inclusion as a round of the Queensland Rally Championship further adds to its allure and competitive spirit.

For those not competing, the rally organisers extend an invitation to join as volunteers. Volunteering offers a unique opportunity to be part of this thrilling event while contributing to its smooth operation and success.

The NSW Rally Panel extends its best wishes to the diligent organising team for a successful event and looks forward to continued collaboration in 2024 and beyond.

For more information and updates on the Coffs Coast Rally, please visit www.rallynsw.com.au

For all inquiries, please contact: Sam Hill 0434 656 440

About Coffs Coast Rally: The Coffs Coast Rally is a historic rallying event held in Coffs Harbour, NSW, known for its challenging routes and enthusiastic rally community. After a hiatus, the event returns in 2024 under the management of the Coffs Harbour & District Sporting Car Club, promising an exciting competition and a renewed spirit of rally excellence.

Vacancy for the Rally Panel Chair PositionVacancy for the Rally Panel Chair Position

As of the 29th February, 2024, Ian Bray will be resigning as Chair of the NSW Rally Panel making the position vacant. If you wish to nominate for the position of Panel Chair, please complete the form below ASAP and send to the Motorsport Australia NSW/ACT Administration at the address in the form. Also, please use the Contact Form on this website to let the Panel know of your intentions.

This is a significant role that has a bearing on the future of the sport of rallying in NSW so requires a great deal of commitment from anyone wishing to take on the role.