Rally NSW The Excitement of Spectating

The Excitement of Spectating

What you will see are the best rally drivers in NSW and on the East Coast of Australia, fighting for grip and attempting to conquer time by saving every split second possible as they fly through the Special Stage. The spectacular sight is boosted by the thrilling sound of high pitched race engines and squealing brakes. The cars range from 4WD turbo cars to an amazing variety of Classic Rally Cars. There are Holden V8 Commodores, Subaru WRX’s, Toyota Celica’s and Mugen Honda’s and each has its own sound and methods of tackling the corners.

Detailed instructions are provided to assist you to get to each location as well as diagrams and an explanation of the corners or obstacle that the rally crews have to tackle.

Kids are always welcome, so it’s a real family affair.

Please be aware that safety is our number one priority so we ask our spectators to follow the directions of our experienced marshals.

Spectator Instructions for each event are posted on the Event Page within this website in the weeks leading up to the event.

We hope to see you in the forest soon!