Rally NSW Event Management Forms

Event Management Forms

From June 2015 it has been a requirement of Motorsport Australia that all rallies and rallysprints run in NSW that form part of a series (except events where the ARC is present) use the same event forms, using the templates that are saved here. The purpose of this approach is:

  • Provide consistency across events for competitors. (road cards all look the same etc)
  • Reduce necessity to retrain officials (control paperwork is familiar)
  • Ensure positive tracking is in use at all events. (position on road)
  • Reduce workload for organisers. (there are hundreds of hours of work saved here – why reinvent the wheel?)
  • Reduce workload for event checkers, and provide a more consistent approach to event checking.
  • Consistent approach to safety plans including spectator safety protocols.
  • Proven formula that’s competitor friendly.