Rally NSW Log Book

Log Book

Before you compete in your rally car, you will need to obtain a Log Book.  The Log Book contains the competition history of the car as well as a record of comments by the scrutineers.

It’s quite easy to obtain a Log Book.

The Motorsport Australia website contains all the information you need.  There are a few FAQ’s there to help with understanding the system and process.

At the bottom of the page text there is a list of forms.  Then, open, print and complete the NEW APPLICATION form.  Also open, print and complete the “Type 3 – Full Cage Structure Registration” form.  You will need to refer to Schedule J of the Motorsport Australia Manual for the specifications for your roll cage.

Please take note of the differing minimum requirement levels for roll cages.

  • For all NSW rallies (except introductory rallies where a roll cage is not required), you will need a Type 3 Full Safety Cage.
  • For Clubman, Hyundai or club rallies, the cage will need to be comprised of main hoop; front legs; windscreen bow; 2 x backstays, and 2 diagonal; members in either the plane of the main hoop or in the plane of the 2 backstays as per 12.2.1 of Schedule J.  Please refer to Schedule J for all of the specific details of materials.
  • However, to compete in NSWRC events (or higher), your cage will also need to have door bars as per 12.2.1 (b).
  • Furthermore, if you intend to compete at ARC level, you will need to have Roof Reinforcement as per 12.2.1 (c) and Windscreen Pillar Reinforcement as per 12.2.1 (d).

Next, take photos of your car to the specification described on the New Application form.  Print them on photographic paper and trim to size (10cm x 7cm).

OK, so now you have completed the New Application Form and the Type 3 – Full Cage Structure Registration form and have your printed photos.  Now, call one of the certified Scrutineers and make a time for the car to be inspected.  Remember to take both completed forms with you.  Once the scrutineer has completed the inspection and filled in the New Log Book Application form, send both forms with the photos of your car to Motorsport Australia at the address on the form.

Be aware, ensure your application is received by Motorsport Australia at least 2 weeks before the date of the event you wish to compete in.